The snake pit

By Karen Baran


If you ever saw the 1948 movie "The Snake Pit," you'll understand my meaning in this letter.

In one scene the camera is looking down on the patients and then zooms up into the air and it looks just like a snake pit.

When I see the crowds and parades of the LBGTQ Pride movement, I think of that scene. Multitudes of people wandering around not knowing the lost state they are in. It's very, very sad.

What's even sadder is the media continues to glorify their actions.

But then again, Satan is the god of this world and he has blinded their eyes to the truth.

He will do everything in his power to destroy all of us.

None of us can change another person. We can only show them the right way (God's way) to live. It's always an individual choice.

We can only pray people chose the right way.