Trump isn't funny

By Christine M. Adams


It's disturbing to see America's president obviously is not capable of doing his job. The misadventure with the Sharpie marker and the weather map was funny, but not in a good way.

It's not funny that Americans have been lied to by Trump over 12,000 documented times since he was installed.

Mexico is not paying for the wall, our military and America's Trump-planned eliminated military support for countries in danger from Russia's Putin are paying for the wall.

The national debt is a trillion dollars higher due to Trump's tax cut for the rich.

Trump's tariffs are raising prices.China is finding new markets in other countries, and I heard that vast parts of the Amazon fires were set in expectation of selling meat and grains grown there to China, since tariffs have apparently permanently cut off American sales to China.

Both Russia and North Korea have been actively testing nuclear weapons as Trump panders to both dictators. And Trump refuses to allow publicity of his taxes or financial records amid a claim of Russian oligarchs co-signing Trump's loans.

Impeachment investigations are underway, with so many other impeachable offenses to choose from that it's just a shame America is subject to these travesties as Greedy Old Propagandist politicians march lockstep with Trump's crazy, terrifying agenda.

What Would Putin Do? Watch Trump.