Misappropriating language

By Joseph Droddy


There are a couple of terms I have read lately that are being corrupted. One is "women's reproductive health" and the other is "gun safety legislation."

These two terms are the banner of the U.S. Socialist party and we must inform ourselves and stop them in their tracks.

Reduced population is more easily controllable and an unarmed citizen is easily repressed.

"Women's reproductive health" -- this is the ability of the woman's reproductive system to operate properly.

My wife and I wanted children. There were some issues we had to deal with and required some help from a doctor.

Over time we were able to produce three children. Then my wife developed problems and, after certain surgery to help my wife, we could no longer produce children.

Reproductive health is the ability of the reproduction system to operate correctly as intended by nature.

No natural process includes abortion. Nature provides for miscarriage, not abortion. Women's reproductive health now implies "abortion on demand."

Double standards here: If a woman is killed and her unborn child dies it is a double murder, if a woman doesn't want her baby she can kill it.

"Gun safety legislation?" That is a euphemism for "remove guns from the citizens' hands."

I was born in 1954. All those with whom I grew up handled guns from youth. We hunted from an early age.

Gun safety is handling guns in a safe manner. Keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Don't shoot at something unless you intend to eat it. Know your target, etc, etc.

The ultimate was one shot one kill. And we wanted to kill our game animal with only one shot.

Gun safety does not imply or include taking guns out of the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens.