Word of the Week 101520

Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin

Greetings Word of the Week fans and welcome to the Oct. 15 edition of Clarion County's favorite word game.

It was on this date in 1937 that actress Linda Lavin was born. Although Linda Lavin has accomplished many things in her career, we here at the Word of the Week Institute remember her most for her lead role in the sit-com "Alice."

Lavin first landed a recurring role as Detective Janice Wentworth on "Barney Miller" during the first and second seasons (19751976). She left "Barney Miller" to star in the lead role in "Alice."

The show was a popular hit for CBS and ran from 1976 to 1985.

Lavin portrayed Alice Hyatt, a waitress and singer.

Now it's up to us to decide if "Alice" in all her years working at Mel's Diner ever said the word pantophagous.

It's an adjective. Does pantophagous mean:

A: Eating all kinds or a great variety of food. "What will you have to today Henry?" Alice asked the telephone repairman and loyal Lunch customer. "Mel has a pantophagous menu today."

B: Slightly, well, dingy. "Vera! Stop being so pantophagous and get those eggs out to that truck driver with the MAGA hat," shouted Mel.

C: Course. "Kiss my pantophagous breakfast food," Flo told Mel when he chastised her for arriving late for work.

D: Glowing in the dark. "I think there's something wrong with this chili, Mel," Alice said. "It's pantophagous and melting the spoons."

While Linda Lavin has no biological children, she is stepmother to the children of her second husband and plays an active role in their lives and that of her grandchildren, and is stepmother to those of her third and current husband, artist/musician Steve Bakunas, whom she married in 2005.

In 1997, Lavin founded The Linda Lavin Arts Foundation in Wilmington, to promote and foster the advancement of the performing and visual arts, with special emphasis on arts in education. Her foundation has created a theater program called Girl Friends, whose purpose is to raise the self-esteem of at-risk teenage girls of the inner city.

The correct answer to the Word of the Week challenge is "A."