You're never alone

One and a half months of 2021 has already come and gone, just like that! Reflecting back, so much has already happened in just such a short time, I am excited to see what the rest of the year holds.

We just passed our first official holiday of 2021 (besides New Years Day, of course); Valentine's Day!

Now some of you just read those two words and were filled with excitement, and let's be honest, you may have even got a little giddy. You usually have plans to spend that day with your loved ones or significant others, going out to your dinner reservations, or having a night in, bundled up and watching your favorite romantic comedy.

Others are single, but have plans with friends to go out to eat dinner, maybe eat some chocolate, and enjoy the phase of life they are in, partying it up with their friends.

Then there are the people who read those two words and thought "Ugh! The worst day of the year -- don't remind me" while filled with a range of emotions, from disgust to despair.

Some people don't like the extra affection and attention that Valentine's Day brings to them, while others hate to see the extra love and affection.

Then there are those who are filled with sadness at the thought of Valentine's Day, because they were not be able to spend it with that one person they love more than anyone else on the Earth.

Some looked at happy couples of Valentine's Day and were filled with disgust, and let's be honest, a little bit of jealousy, because they weren't sitting there with a significant other like that happy couple they saw.

I just want to encourage you all with this fact. If you were feeling alone this Valentine's Day, just remember you were not alone. No matter where you go or how hard you try to hide, you will never be far from the one person who loves you more than you can even imagine. He loves you more than a father loves his daughter. He loves you so much, that he died for you, so you could spend eternity with him.

No matter your status this Valentine's Day, remember you are never alone, because Jesus is always with you (even if you can't feel him, he's there. Remember, the teacher is always silent during a test). -- Jeremiah 29:11

The author is a senior at Keystone High School in Knox. She is the daughter of Craig and Kate Schoeppner.