It's time for term limits

By Teresa Bauer-Eland


When anyone in public office is afraid of losing their position, then they are no longer truly representing the people who elected them to that position.

They are now on a power trip where they feel they deserve and are entitled to their position.

When they are afraid of standing up for what is right and standing against whatever or whoever is trying to destroy our democracy because they are so intent on not losing, then they need to be removed from office -- regardless of their position in our government.

There needs to be some sort of term limits on our chosen elected government officials. They have become too complacent and rely too much on big business donations and no longer listen to the people that they are supposed to be representing.

They like the perks of the office they hold and are no longer listening to those who they are supposedly representing.

How often do you see your chosen representatives? Only when election time comes around? Do they even listen to your calls or emails? Do they respond or do you get a pre-written response?

It is time to change that by setting term limits. I am tired of not being listened to. I voted, Biden won, and yet my representatives are instead trying to undermine my voice.