I promise

By Fred Shick


How many times has your President Biden said that? This puppet can only say what the far-left socialists tell him to say.

Did you know Biden signed an executive order stopping the Keystone Pipeline which killed thousands of good-paying jobs? Yet, he is backing the Taliban in Afghanistan to build a pipeline. Will it be up to the Green Deals standard?

Whose side is your president on? Can't you voters see what's going on? You people can brag to your kids and grandkids how you turned this country into a lawless, run-by-a-dictator, no-religion, no-freedoms third-world or worse country.

Also, you can say you are responsible for the men and women who died to keep our country safe and free. Also, stop and ask the Lord if you did right.

After four years and two months of making total idiots and morons of themselves and wasting millions of dollars on these do nothing Demon-crats, let's impeach the real one that is in thick with China. Biden and his whole family are owned by China and soon he will have China controlling us.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should be charged with treason. These two are a liability to our country.

Why didn't Pelosi kick Eric Swalwell out of office? I'm sure he leaked information to the Chinese agent he was sleeping with.

During the second phony impeachment trial he spoke on how scary it was so he called his wife to say he loved her and told her to hug the kids. Really! Wasn't he worried about his Chinese lover?

This Democratic Party is full of liars, cheaters and corrupt people. These people took an oath with their hands on the Bible but to them it is just a joke or a ritual. They have no fear of the Lord.

Take Governor Cuomo, this mass murderer, he covered up the number of people that died when he sent them to a nursing home with COVID shame on him. May God have mercy on us.