Voters will remember

By Gretchen K. Wingert


Early in the morning of Jan. 7, the following Pennsylvania members of Congress stated they would not accept the verdict of the people and voted to overturn the election and entrench themselves in power: John Joyce, Fred Keller, Mike Kelly, Daniel Meuser, Scott Perry, Guy Reschenthaler, Lloyd Smucker and Glenn Thompson.

I voted on Nov. 3 and my vote counts. The election was not rigged or stolen. Some of the members were re-elected to another term but evidently did not believe that those votes to keep them in office were rigged or stolen.

They only rejected the votes that were not for their candidate. They do not deserve to serve another term or to even continue to sit as a representative of the state of Pennsylvania.

The members of Congress who have enabled Trump for four years are just as complicit as Trump himself, and just as complicit - if not more so for the actions that occurred at the Capital on Jan. 6.

They sought to delay and deny the Electoral College certification. There are and will be consequences to their actions.

Voters will remember what happened when it comes time to vote again.