Today is

By Sarah Bellum

Out There

Today, July 30, is National Chili-Dog day. Well, actually the last Thursday in July is National Chili-Dog day so grab some antacids and celebrate.

If you want to stick strictly to "July 30," it's also National Father-in-Law Day. So there is the option of taking a chili-dog to "Dad," but that's up to you. He probably deserves a little more upscale lunch.

Also known as a Coney dog or chili con carne, the first person to make a chili dog probably tried it around the turn of the 20th Century.

Even then it was likely a meat and tomato sauce, not the full-on firehouse chili we know today.

Chili dogs are a meal all on their own. Invite friends and family to create colossal and delicious chili dogs with all their favorite toppings.

Host a chili cook-off and supply the franks, buns, and special toppings for the judges to add to their chili dog. Crown the winner with bragging rights.