Yoo-hoo Yoho

By Jack Paulden


Nice one U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla. 3). You verbally assaulted a young woman -- younger than your own youngest daughter. Then you invoke a weak apology using Father God as being your god of power who allows you such lesser qualities.

You are simply, ignorant (unaware) of the fact that her God and the god Christians call the Father, of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (spirit) are one and the same.

You deserved the reprimand from Bread for the World, and your later resignation from the non-profit, for calling U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) an (expletivedeleted) female dog.

However, I know the feeling.I was walking near a beach in Florida and a biker babe asked me if I would like to go to a biker club for breakfast. I recall thinking, "...that would make me the b-word..." riding while sitting behind her. I told her my concern, and she said, "Suck it up guy, breakfast is on me if you can man up."

At the club she got off the bike first, and I sat there facing three women with curious looks on their faces, as they sized up the situation.My mind raced and I said, "Nice ride, and for moments like this I should be wearing a T-shirt, with the words on the front, ‘If you can read this, the B-Word fell off.'"

My humor was not appreciated as the biker babe headed inside, and I was confronted by three women who let me know how disrespectful I was.

It took me a time, but I did man up and went inside and apologized and left the club, sans breakfast.

So, Yoo-hoo,Yoho, can you hear me?Your apology was as weak as lesser men such as Mitch McConnell who said President Obama should shut up. Or plumber Joe who shouted out liar during President Obama's inauguraladdress, but at least they madecomments to a man, yet not actually facing the man. But at least not to a young woman struggling to represent the voices of other women attacked daily by weak men such as you.

President Trump has attacked black female journalists for asking questions he did not like, but when Vice President Dick Cheney said while wearing a face mask, "Real men wear masks" the response from the White House was absent.

Yet, at the Helsinki Conference, when Putin stepped off the motorcycle, our president sat there, and it takes little imagination to see the T-shirt he wore.

In my opinion itwould read "Putin's B-word."

Yoo-HooYoho, wake up America, Christianity has gone off the rails, and it's ugly.

"The Ugly American" has re-emerged, and it is hurting the U.S.

If America wants to serve bread to the world, I suggest we wear masks, wash our hands, and do as Jesus would have done, act Christ-like, not as wild hyenas, regardless of their gender.

Hyenas attack the hind quarters of animals in packs.Yet they do so in broad daylight, simply based on survival instincts.

If man is supposed to be on a higher level than wild dogs, then surely, we need to act like it.At least face a man and not attack women. White hyenas, not a good name for right-wing Christians, but who can know?