The buck stops here

By Kathleen Fye


What am I talking about? Well, stand up straight, close your eyes, open your ears, and hold out your hands. Look, you think your hands are empty.

They aren't. All our hands are overflowing with responsibility for the terrible mess our America the beautiful is experiencing.

If you are a Christian and stayed home for the November 2020 election you are guilty. Not voting is a plus for the other side.

If you are a Republican and you let President Trump's personality and tweets bother you shame on you.

He created so many constructive things for our country, Israel and the rest of the world. You were too busy watching "false news" to see the good side such as cutting taxes, lifting the Blacks and Hispanics off of welfare programs, peace in the Middle East and of course, the wall (do some research yourself).

The scripture says "we can't serve two masters because we will love the one and hate the other"; so if you are a "do or die" Democrat, did you study the platform of your party before you voted for us to lose many of the promises of freedom in our Constitution?

Did you really try to find out the goals of the now Socialist, Communist, and Marxist Party? The latest bill they are pushing will take away our voting rights as found in this precious document.

These evil people were so certain about the abnormalities they caused in November of 2020 they were prepared with more than 60 executive orders to be signed within the first couple of weeks.

On day one, Joe Biden was already busy making drastic changes. Changes on the wall and migration are already coming back to bite him.

We all have free will and freedom of choice but with our choices may come some judgment from God. This country was founded on Judo and Christian principles of the Bible.

God will hold us responsible for the destruction of this special country he founded to serve and minister to the world.

In less than 100 days of Biden's presidency, we are inundated with children and young people flooding the country; work has been stopped on the wall; border patrol has been turned into babysitters; thousands of lost jobs in the Midwest from closing down the pipeline; gasoline already up more than 30 cents per gallon (some places in California its $5 per gallon); lost jobs in Knox; China quick to call out and demean the U.S. at their meeting in Alaska; and Putin challenging Biden to a meeting (of course, he didn't respond).

Additionally, there are trillions of dollars added to the debt on a pretense of COVID-19 help. Oh no! This money went to pay off donors, pet projects, and pay the bills of poorly run states such as New York and California.

People in these two states are trying to impeach or recall their governors. All power to the government starts with the people. These so called government employees have already been working to take away our freedoms of speech and religion to name two.

The evil Communist people follow in the path of other demonic atheists. Stalin murdered 20,000,000 folks in his take over. Hitler murdered 6,000,000 Jews and only God really has a count of the other neighboring countries.

Of course, it took thousands of Americans to defeat him. How about China? Biden and his family have sold their soul to China (check out Hunter Biden's computer hard drive).

China Communists have murdered 90,000,000 Christians and others plus we must count 400,000,000 babies aborted and many killed at birth.

Government and people serving in high places always come up with ways to take more power. Just take a look at the blue state leaders over the past year such as California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania to name a few of the worst to steal our freedom over the past year.

This was especially true of stealing our freedom of religion. Closed churches, schools and small businesses and other areas deemed necessary to maintain our homes and develop our families' health were quick to be destroyed.

A sick and depressed people are easily led astray and put into servitude to the "powerful."

Read and digest this statement I heard last week, "If someone gargles with gun powder, he is quick to shoot off his mouth."

For example, last week a Christian Republican representative gave a wonderful, uplifting speech on the floor of the House. Subject matter was on God's will and blessings.

He barely got seated when Democrat Jerrold Nadler from the judiciary committee jumped up. "Gargle mouth" shot his mouth off with this quote, "God's will is no concern of Congress."

Of course not, a few weeks ago we were told to put our "faith in the government" the same government in which top officials on both sides have sold their souls to the Chinese "top dogs."

A.J.H., a black pastor, said the other day, "If you surround yourself with snakes, you soon become a snake." The Bible refers to Satan as being a serpent.

Remember, we can't have two masters. So if we don't have the spirit of God, we are consumed by the spirit of Satan.

Satan is a liar filled with hate and violence. Remember, speaker Nancy Pelosi's face as she tore up her copy of President Trump's speech to the nation in 2020. We see this same hatred and violence running freely in many Democratic cities.

"Silence in the face of evil is evil." All Christians, Republican Conservatives, Independents, Liberals, Democrats, etc. need to stand up and be counted for God's will and love.

"Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord." We all need to do a close study of the book of John to see how we can each be saved and forgiven for all our personal stupidity and shortcomings.

There is only one way, one real truth for forgiveness and the eternal preservation of each soul. Believe and repent now as all our days are numbered.