My Corona

By Jack Paulden


"Da-da-da-dont-dont- dont My Corona!" President Trump has perhaps embraced the Coronavirus Virus as his. He can fix it, as he is the most powerful man on Earth, and Evangelical Christians enforce his indulgence as many assume him to have a god-like status, is my opinion.

This fake god in fact proved his non-god status recently after first being on CNBC on Jan. 22 when, during an interview, he was first asked this question about the Coronavirus, "Are there worries about a pandemic at this point?"

Our president replied, "No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It's going to be just fine."

Now he has declared a national emergency because of apparently one Chinese person --wow!

Surely gods would not suggest they have things under control then less than two months later declare a national emergency when things are totally out of control.It was much like Obama's "If you likethe doctoryou have,you can keep your doctor"

Except Trump said, "If you want a test, you can get the test, and the tests are beautiful." Yet the latest facts show the tests that could have been used as suggested by the World Health Organization were made in Germany, and not American-made.

Accordingly, as they were not made in America, the Trump Administration waited until about 10 days ago to get our best labs to come up with tests.

During the Swine Flu crisis, this mass testing was accomplished during the first month of the illness, not almost two months later as with this Coronavirus.

It would be like so many who believe Moses parted the sea, as if it were a sea.

When life is on the line, blood is thicker than water, but as our president is not the blood of most Christians, why then do they protect him so much, during times such as these?

This president criticized the Obama administration for not acting during the Swine Flu Epidemic, suggesting that the non-White Nationalist president of the time, Barack Obama, had created a full-scale disaster and Obama pushed a rule change that complicated testing.

However, NPR cited as finding no such rule was enacted, or even attempted.

The president declared a national emergency because of the Coronavirus.

Gov. Tom Wolf closed all public schools because of the Coronavirus.

This president assumes he can fix anything by minimizing it, and then has no real plan when he finds he is not a god.

It bewilders me why so many Evangelical Christians, apparently believe him.I can only assume they idolize him as if he is a god, because to assume that they only support him because they, Evangelical Christians, are predominantly White Nationalists, would mean Christianity is a fake religion, made only for those with ancestral ties to Europe.

That would sadden me as I recently attended Sunday School at a Protestant Church, and even said I would volunteer my time, rather than pay tithe, until I returned to work.

I know Christianity is struggling, especially in having younger people attend Sunday schools and church, but surely, they can recall the god Jesus faced such an issue.

The Jewish Rabbi who it turned out was the only son of Abraham's one true god, had at a young age said he was only here, "For the Lost Sheep of Israel" and then, we must assume, matured and tried to save the whole world.

That increased his ministry hundred folds, at a minimum.

So, if the White Nationalist Christians can overcome their elitism, as Jesus did, surely their numbers will increase millions fold, because the Catholics who have left their churches, the Chinese, the Arabs, Jews, half breeds like me, etc. would benefit to come to believe that eternity is not just for the ancestors or inhabitants of European Countries, currently banned from travel here, but for all humans on the planet, if we stop splitting the country up, and start to act perhaps Christ-like. Who can know?

"Da-da-da-dont-dont- dont When you gonna give to me, a gift to me, is it just a matter of time, Corona? Is it d-d-destiny, d-destiny, Or is it just a game in my mind, Corona?"