Making you dependent

By Fred Shick


The people who voted for these Demon-crats surely don't believe they are working for or care about you, do you?

They are working for big tech companies, China, themselves and socialists. Most of the stimulus money was headed to foreign countries (that hate USA) and other projects that had nothing to do or to help people that lost their businesses, lost their jobs and people suffering over the virus.

The plan is to make every citizen dependent on the government to take care of them.

What I don't understand is where the government is going to get the money for all of the free stuff they say you will get if no one is working to pay taxes that are used to pay the government expenses. Duh!

Don't be surprised if China rules us. Imagine what this country will be like with open borders, no law enforcement, no guns to protect ourselves, no food, no water, no medical care, no churches, no Easter, no Christmas, etc. What a wonderful world this will be.

Thanks to the voters that voted for these socialists.

How about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting the COVID-19 vaccine before some people such as frontline workers, nurses, doctors, ambulance workers, firemen and nursing home occupants?

I thought Joe Biden wasn't going to get it because he didn't trust President Trump. It sort of puts me in the mind of the Clarion County Commissioners buying property and wasting more than $3 million -- just like Pelosi and her demons.

Did the commissioners give any of that money to Southern Clarion County Ambulance Service? Am I joking? No.

Happy New Year and God bless everyone including President Trump.

Everyone should support law enforcement as well as men and women protecting our country and our freedoms. We are going to need them and God to get us through the next four years.