What a joke

By Fred Shick


What a bunch of losers Lyin' Biden appointed to serve on his cabinet and government positions. He appointed David Chipman to serve as the ATF Chief.

This man is very anti-gun and when asked on TV what an AR-15 is, he had no clue. Now take Jen Psaki, another piece of nothing, she always gives the run around to reporters' questions.

Now take evil Nancy Pelosi, she breaks every law the Constitution stands for. Everything these Demon-crats blamed Trump for doing, they are doing, no law applies to them.

These anti-American creeps should be in prison or deported for treason.

Wow, for a border being closed there are thousands coming here every day. We are getting drug cartels, smugglers, killers, etc. every day because the idiot in charge of OHS said the border is closed.

How many times has Kamala Harris been to the border (zero) and Biden put her in charge of the border? She could not handle being a latrine queen.

How about flip flop Anthony Fauci could he have something to do with COVID-19 and China? Did the Biden family get all of their wealth from China dealings?

How about Biden's six trillion dollar budget more pork for blue states? Hang on inflation is on the rise Lyin' Biden did not campaign on his big spending. The socialists are pulling this puppet's strings.

Is there anyone in favor of our country going to socialism? If you are, you are in favor of ruining kids and grandkids future. President Trump did more for this country than any president.

We could still pray, worship, have freedom of speech, etc. We are losing more freedoms every day under these idiots.

Do you think the election was legal? How about the machines that when you voted for Trump it changed the vote to Biden? How about the 360 people who signed affidavits that swore there was fraud?

These Demon-crats have turned their backs on God and are letting the devil and evil take over their lives and our country. Lord, have mercy on us. Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.