Always follow the money

By Charles Mander


I often wonder why the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the New York Times all are hateful hard on our president.

It now is reported that multi-millions of dollars are donated in the form of ads to these papers in the form of add-ons, by the Communist Chinese government and are disguised as informational ads.

It all makes sense to me now. Our country now is right out of "1984" and "Atlas Shrugged," novels in the 1930s that were considered absurd long ago now are a reality.

A society in which political correctness runs amok rules and now we have thought police, too.

We have a plague from China. Democrat-run cities are rioting due to racial unrest fueled by Antifa, all with money from George Soros and Media Matters -- all tax-exempt I might add.

Our president has a job to do with our economy robbed by the Chinese plague, the corrupt mainstream media run by AP and Democrat activists and the like.

God help us. When election time comes around vote these evil people out of office and out of our lives.