I'll take my chances

By Jack Paulden


All this Christianity since 00-00-0001 BC/AD or now BCE/CE Is this the best we can do in the last 2019 years or so?

A priest who is accused of now raping women and not just children, walks free while a non-Christian Uber driver is locked up for "attempting" to lock the car doors to trap women.

It's not that the Uber driver is arrested, but that the Priest isn't that proves the power of the word Christian.

A black school supervisor in the Pittsburgh area has been targeted by a news station because of "questionable business deals."Good for them, in focusing on corruption, too bad they don't focus on the corruption as intently, of other school districts and "corporate authorities" like water authorities etc.

Would it help this supervisorif it reads, "The black Christian school superintendent will be facing charges, if and when the charges are proven to have merit?"

Somehow the word Christian makes it all OK.YMCA -- Young Men's Christian Association.As far as I can tell, it is just a foreign corporation, not just out-of-state, but foreign as in formed in another country (Switzerland)that knows how to tap into U.S. and state and localtaxpayer funds and private donations quite effectively.

The only Christian thing about it, well, I am not sure.

The Salvation Army, now that is a real Christian organization, they helped me once when recovering from an alcoholic episode, and later fixed a missing tooth.

Yeah, I know, why would I tell things about myself that are so humbling and revealing?Probably because I am the least among you, and want to continue to enjoy the minority status.

As someone once said, either penned by Howard Zinnor repeated by him, "Not all causes of the poor are just; but you cannot know justice until you know poverty" or words close to that.

So, I choose not to portray myself as lily white, simply a man looking for a way to eternity, but doing it my way.My way is simple, "It is not what others do that counts, only what I do."If all you lily white Christians believe you are right, go for it.

Me, I am simply not listening to the words of other men, but searching for my own.I will never be lily white, and thank the gods for that.Lot apparently or at least his daughters didn't seem to mind telling about having sex with their father, as they were living in the early Vatican, and the Vatican types apparently only wanted to have sex with children, obviously from the story, only male children, so these girls decided to impregnate themselves by sleeping with their sleeping father during his normal nocturnal penile tumescence, that most males experience.

The real question is, Did Lot wake up during these raids? Who can know, perhaps only Lot, and/or his daughters.Good luck to all you who only want to paint the lily-white picture of yourself for your salvation, as it may lead you to Hell if you don't take a look at what you are doing when you follow the words of men who are actually lesser than you think.

If I was an artist, I would paint a red sea of blood parted,and show thelost going one way, and the chosen another.However, as I have never met a chosen human, I wouldn't know how to portray them.Some of you would use color. Others may use height. Others strength.Others intelligence.Others male. Others females etc.

Perhaps I would put all of those on one side, and an equal amount on the other of the parted Red Sea of blood, and simply let God sort them out, as apparently God only knows.

Who can know? Oh yeah, God can.As I cannot know God's will, I will choose to continue looking for a path to eternity, and not assume I have received a welfare check guarantee that I will get there and certainly not put my hopes for eternityby following foolish men who seem to assume they have found the path through hatred.

I wrote this and ended it five minutes before Robert Mueller made his statement to the nation.My own thoughts and words are given confidence by Robert Mueller's words.

I had deduced Bill Barr was biased and Robert Mueller not.I am still confident of that based on listening to Robert Mueller, not the interpretation from other men.

As Diogenes was "looking for an honest man," I found Mueller's statement to be truthful and at least in this instance,consider him to be an honest man.

However, Diogenes and the rest of us would be better fulfilled if we look inwardly to find a path to an honest man.The fact that Christians have followed Trump so blindly, makes me fear they have perhaps decreased their odds for eternity.

However, that is only my opinion, as I cannot know God's will. However, should we meet in Hell, well then that is the price we pay for thinking we are gods, and above the wrath of god just because we say, "Jesus is my savior" and do little Christ-like in our lives that would prove our belief in the statement.

However, if all you lily whites make it, and I not, then I would be wrong, but I am willing to take my chances.

Am I right, are you right, who can know?Oh yeah, only God can know.Does he already know? Well that is simply more food for thought, but only my thoughts.