Blame Trump for Coronavirus spread

By Christine M. Adams


China denied Coronavirus was occurring at first. It jailed the doctor who first brought it to the authorities' attention.

That doctor has since died of the disease. China denied the facts until it was impossible to lie anymore. Now Hunan City where the disease started is shut down.

In May 2018, according to Foreign Policy Magazine, Trump "ordered the National Security Council's entire Global Health Security unit shut down with the reassignment of Rear Admiral Timothy Zeimer and the dissolution of his team."

Also The Permanent Epidemic Monitoring and Command group at Department of Homeland Security that was set up after the 2014 Ebola outbreak by President Obama was fired.

Neither has been replaced.

The Trump Administration keeps denying the truth, saying that Coronavirus is "contained."

Trump even said he wanted to keep thousands of people locked on a cruise ship because he didn't want those people to affect his "numbers."

Trump cares about Trump.China did not care about the people of China, until the news got out.

Trump will not "care" about Americans until the severity of the situation is universally understood.

The 16,000 documented lies in the past from Trump are a stark reminder the Trump Administration does not care about us.

Since there is not enough testing, it's harder to prevent the spread of disease and this pandemic is going to get worse.

We're on our own.Care for each other.Truth matters.