Here are more of the facts

By Kathleen Fye


Still in response to Mr. Baschnagel's Oct. 1 letter. Do I care about Trump's taxes? No. How honest are all those other people unless you're a wealthy working business man you can't understand all of that.

Trump doesn't take the $400,000 salary. He donates it mostly to veterans' organizations. Obama left the White House with $246 million. He didn't make that writing a book.

Hilary said she and Bill were "poorer than church mice" when they left the White House now two retired people are worth $300 million.

As Biden would say, "Come on guy." Trump's children don't get any government money either.

By the way Hilary's "pay-to-play" game put one billion dollars in her foundation where she pays her daughter one million dollars a year to manage. Some job.


Trump was beating a fake impeachment when this started. Biden called him names when he stopped China tourists from coming here.

Pelosi was dancing on the streets of Chinatown asking everyone to come on down.

Governors Wolf and Cuomo were both sending old people to convalescent homes to contaminate everyone -- thousands died even while beds the Army set up, Samaritan's Purse, set up in Central Park. This was a medical ship barely used in New York while the virus raged.

This was Trump. This was the Democrats. Just as they want to keep the state shut down until after the election. You have no idea nor did I on all the things done to get ahead of the virus. You wouldn't see it any way on "fake news" try for from 9-11.

The budget

Pelosi wants to spend almost another $3 trillion for her friends, etc. Trump wants the budget aimed at helping companies, restaurants, salons, etc. Remember how the Democrats added $9 trillion to the debt under Obama more than all other presidents combined.

Don't be ridiculous about unemployment. We all know where this economy was in January. It's Biden's friends in China that deliberately produced biological warfare to release and send all over the world. I saw the scientist who escaped from China is in hiding in the states and willing to tell the truth.

Maybe Biden's son should give us some of the billions he brought back from there.

The millions the Democrats want to pay Planned Parenthood would certainly buy a lot of the food.

Were you paying attention, Mr. Baschnagel, when Trump put out his prison reform program? Haven't you listened when some of them gave their testimonies on "Real" TV?"

The presidents who went to the John Lewis funeral were politicians. Trump is not a politician. He has work to do and does it 18 hours a day -- all under a pressure most men would crumble under in 24 hours.

Why are the Democrats so upset about a Christian woman being on the Supreme Court? After all, Ginsberg was a devout Jew. Don't any of the others affiliate with a church? As Biden would say, "Come on, man."

I watch a wide variety of Christian TV and all the pastors are pro-Bible and that means prolife. "Thou shall not kill" Who are killing the police? -- left wing Democrats. Who are burning cities? left wing Democrats. Who are attacking and shutting down churches this summer? the Democrats.

Who keep calling others names? KKK is a Democratic organization. Check your history Byrd from West Virginia.

Who tried to overthrow a president? -- the Democrats. Who calls Republicans "the greedy old propagandist?" the Democrats.

Get this one

Trump's unmarked private military has attacked, injured and kidnapped constitutionally protected legal protesters. Would you call that propaganda? The Democrats would.

I could go on and on. Unlike Trump, I get tired and besides the little four-year-old by the name of Adaline just brought me my mail. I pay her with a treat and a quarter each day. She was wearing a shirt that said, "Kind is the new Cool."

Kind means being honest and truthful; kind is not being slanderous when you don't get all the facts.

Kind is keeping your hate for someone to yourself; kind is being understanding.

So as the professor suggested, if I was unkind in my letters I apologize. But I have grown to love a man I couldn't tolerate on TV. Why?

I don't know except God loved him first. He prompted his people to choose him out of 16 others and then elect him president.

Has he made mistakes? I'm sure. But I also know we don't want to be a socialistic, Marxist, communist state.

I know he rebuilt the military. Set up a separate Space Force. Brought respect back to our country by showing strength. I can't begin to cover the VA changes for veterans.

Get all the facts before you slander someone you don't know except through "fake news."